We don’t have an waitlist.

Instead, we have an application process which begins with attendance to an information session at the School with our Principal. This is an opportunity for you to get to know who we are and how we work, and ask any questions you have to see if our School is the right fit for your family.

We encourage all our applicants to have a broad knowledge of the Montessori philosophy before they begin at the School.

To gain a place at The Central Coast Montessori Primary School you must complete our application process. This includes attending a parent information session, and an interview with the Principal.

Once this process is complete, and if your child shows readiness, your child will be offered a place.

In NSW children are to be enrolled in school by their 6th birthday. If your child is moving from The Central Coast Montessori preschool, this move will be discussed between educators and parents when your child shows signs of readiness.

This means children can transition to primary anytime between the ages of 5-and-a-half  to 6-years-old. This move can occur anytime during the year.

For children enrolled at The Central Coast Montessori Preschool the transition process is based on each child’s readiness, the first step is to complete an expression of interest form and attendance at the Parent Information Session that is held 3 times a year.

For children transitioning from other non-montessori schools, how and when your child will begin to transition will be discussed during the application process.

Stage 3 is traditionally children aged 9-12yrs, that is usually from Year 4.

As is the case with all transition periods, the move to Stage 3 when your child shows signs of readiness, as assessed by our educators.

When children finish Stage 3 (equivalent of year 6) they will transition to high school.

Children attending with a Montessori education from the age of 3 are equipped with the life skills to embrace the changes of life, including transitioning to a traditional high school, tertiary education and work.

Your child will know how to:

  • work collaboratively
  • negotiate
  • lead
  • following
  • adapt
  • trust themselves.

Our vision is to eventually open a Montessori High School on the Central Coast. You can help this become a reality by supporting the cause.

Yes. The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) is an annual national standardised assessment for all students in Years 3, 5, 7, and 9.

All parents with students in the equivalent of years 3 and 5 are offered NAPLAN tests in reading, writing, language conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and numeracy.

A day at Central Coast Montessori Primary School begins with a 3 hour morning work cycle, which is a prolonged, uninterrupted period of focused work.

During the work cycle, children engage in a range of different activities, some of which are chosen independently and others that are presented by one of our passionate educators. Once a week our students participate in a mindfulness class.

After lunch and a break for play, the afternoon work cycle commences. This usually involves creative and movement-based activities including art, music, sport, or mandarin.

At The Central Coast Montessori Primary School your child has a range of additional activities that they participate in including dance/movement, yoga, tai chi, mandarin, sport, and mindfulness.

Some of these activities have an additional cost associated.

For Primary school enrolments, children do not need to be vaccinated, however providing either a immunisation history statement or conscientious objection form is requested as part of the enrolment process.