6 - 9 year olds

The Central Coast Montessori Primary School’s Stage 2 classroom is an oasis for the conscious minds of 6-9 year olds.

Our thoughtfully prepared environment allows children to gravitate towards others and materials in the space that appeal to them.

They learn to balance responsibility and desire by managing their own workload. It’s freedom, within limits.

Throughout Stage 2, your child can discover the whole world. They read, write, calculate, create and dream. Their imagination spurs exploration, learning, questioning and laying the foundations for the next stage in their journey.

Here, we engage their moral and social compass so they can know who they are and why they are here.

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“Children become like the things they love”
- Maria Montessori

Our Stage 2 students study geography, biology, history, language, mathematics, science, culture, music and art through:

  • demonstrations by a trained Montessori teacher
  • collaborative research style learning
  • storytelling and beautiful impressionistic charts
  • carefully designed hands-on Montessori materials
  • self-directed discovery
  • exploration and field trips (‘Going Out’).

We teach the Great Stories to inspire and kindle your child’s passion for the:

  1. universe and the world
  2. beginning of life on earth
  3. coming of human beings
  4. alphabet
  5. decimal system

Your child will become an empowered self-learner who researches, discusses, conceptualises, imagines, plays, creates, solves and thrives with their peers.

Once your child turns 9 and show readiness, they can transition to Stage 3.

Discover Stage 3.

The teachers really care, nurture and engage our children in a beautiful Montessori environment that is calm and peaceful.

– Stephen and Jenna


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