9 - 12 year olds

The Central Coast Montessori Primary School’s Stage 3 program is a universe waiting to be explored by the investigate minds of 9-12 year olds.

Our consciously prepared environment allows Stage 3 students to explore the abstract and intellectual answers to their constant questions of Who, Why, What and How.

Children begin their own enquiries into culture, logic, cause and effect, as well as symbolism and the unusual.  They engage in experiential learning with their peers tackling big topics and social problems collaboratively, for the greater good.

Here, we support students’ awareness of right and wrong, justice and fairness, as they step forward into community as independent thinkers and social beings.

“Free the child's potential, and you will transform him/her into the world”
- Maria Montessori

Our Stage 3 students delve deeper into their studies of geography, biology, history, language, mathematics, science, culture, music and art through:

  • demonstrations by a trained Montessori teacher
  • collaborative research style learning
  • storytelling and beautiful impressionistic charts
  • carefully designed hands-on Montessori materials
  • self-directed discovery
  • exploration and field trips (‘Going Out’).

Their natural yearning for enquiry and social justice at this age, drives them to discuss possibilities with their peers, navigate differences of opinion with respect, connect classroom concepts with real-life experiences and genuinely think outside of the box.

The Great Stories continue to demonstrate to your child the interconnectedness of all life as they better grasp the:

  1. universe and the world
  2. beginning of life on earth
  3. coming of human beings
  4. alphabet
  5. decimal system

In Laniakea, your child will continue to become their own empowered self with a thirst for knowledge, a quest for equanimity, and a desire to answer their own questions and create their own future.

Once your child turns 12 they have completed their primary education with Central Coast Montessori.

Our vision is to develop a Central Coast Montessori High School so our children can continue to grow independently and become who they are meant to be.

You can help this vision become a reality by donating to the cause.

We are so happy to have sent our three children to Central Coast Montessori pre and primary schools. They have provided a nurturing environment that encourages and supports each of them to become inquisitive and caring individuals.

The staff and community feel like family and we have cherished our years there.

– Antonia


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