The Chrysalis prepared environment holds space for the discovery of the child in the first three years of life.

This beautiful unfolding is an intimate and sacred process which, when handled with mindful intent, brings forth a deep connection to and understanding of, the true nature of human development.

The growth that takes place during these early years is unparalleled at any other time in life. It is here that we must be in the service of the child and their work, for it is through work that they create themselves.

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“What the hand does, the mind remembers"
- Maria Montessori

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Chrysalis offers families a chance to:

  1. Be supported on their parenting journey.
  2. Gain a deeper understanding of human development.
  3. Refine skills of observation as a key mechanism to understanding their child.
  4. Experience and explore the development of will, freedom within limits and functional independence.
  5. Be part of shaping an intentional, collaborative, prepared environment supporting collective growth.

Chrysalis is a thriving community of committed families. Once a conscious decision is made to take up an offered place, a parent and child from each family will embark upon an eye-opening and at times challenging journey.

Chrysalis runs over ten-week blocks throughout the year with scheduled breaks in-between. Several sessions are facilitated throughout each week.

The financial investment for a ten-week block in Chrysalis is $300 per child. You will be invoiced at the beginning of each term.

*Government rebates are not applicable to this program.

The personal investment necessary to avail of the potential for growth within yourself and your child is significant. The currencies here are willingness, open-mindedness and commitment. To ensure we shift the preexisting educational paradigm that sees us outsource education, it is essential that we are engaged participants throughout the whole learning process.

As each child approaches three and both the child and family display a readiness to transition into the next stage, the lead guide will activate the transition process.

At this stage and age, two of the key indicators for a transition into stage one include the willingness and tendency by the child towards –

– functional independence, that is clearly supported in the home.

– reverence, that comes from consistency and clarity around freedom and limits in the home.

Discover Feileacan.

I am so grateful to have my daughter attending the Central Coast Montessori School.

It very much feels like you join a community. There is understanding and a relationship with the family that supports the child in the best possible way.

I appreciate the calm atmosphere and philosophy of Montessori to allow the child to thrive at a pace that is comfortable for each individual.



Our information sessions give you the chance to experience our Montessori way first hand.