Preparing the parent and the child

The Central Coast Montessori School’s parent toddler program is called Sakura. It is a haven for absorbent young minds between 2 and 3 years old, and their parents.

It is a lovingly prepared space that ignites your child’s sponge-like capacity to learn from their environment.

We know starting preschool is a big deal for your child and for you, so this is a chance for you to make the transition together.

At Sakura, we sing, rhyme, tell stories, learn with our hands, make friends, share food and grow as a community.

Here, children simply live in the classroom, absorbing it and learning from it, while their parents observe alongside them.

Our rich learning environment becomes a second home, with familiar faces and familiar rituals.

We’ll introduce your child to a range of interesting activities, including language, mathematics, science, music and art. But most importantly, your child will have the opportunity to connect deeply with themselves, their interests and the space – preparing them for the next stage of their learning journey.

Sakura is a pre-requisite for entering Stage 1 once your child turns 3 years of age.

“What the hand does, the mind remembers"
- Maria Montessori

Sakura offers families a chance to:

  1. Experience a Montessori prepared environment.
  2. Gain a deeper understanding of Montessori education.
  3. Make an informed decision about choosing a Montessori education.
  4. Witness your child learning, and building their independence and identity.
  5. Prepare to embark upon their journey in Stage 1.

Sakura classes are held on Saturday mornings for an hour and a half. There are 2 sessions available,  8.30-10am and 10.30-12pm.

Each block of Sakura lasts 4 weeks with 2 weeks break before the next block. We run 2 blocks each public school term.

The first week of each term is a parent only class. This is specifically to prepare parents for this journey with their child and it is imperative that parents attend this class.

Fees are $240 per child per 8-week term. You will be invoiced at the beginning of each term (or the start of your child’s official booking) for the entire 8-week block.

Government rebates are not applicable to this program.

Once your child turns 3 and shows signs of independence and readiness, they can transition into our Stage 1 program.

Discover Felicean.

I am so grateful to have my daughter attending the Central Coast Montessori School.

It very much feels like you join a community. There is understanding and a relationship with the family that supports the child in the best possible way.

I appreciate the calm atmosphere and philosophy of Montessori to allow the child to thrive at a pace that is comfortable for each individual.



Our information sessions give you the chance to experience our Montessori way first hand.