What is the role of a parent?


How can the conscious work we do Preconception, throughout Pregnancy and Postpartum help to prepare us and our environment to hold space for a young life?


We each have a beautiful potential to be amazing parents. But without a roadmap or guidance and support, it can be a steep, and sometimes challenging, learning curve.


Our programs, through inquiry, reflection and intentional work provide you with the opportunity to –


  • reflect on your childhood, learning processes, values and worldview
  • consciously co-create your own empowering birth and parenting story
  • develop tools to orientate into the first weeks & months of postpartum

“Each pregnancy gives the parents an opportunity to review their lifestyle and improve it in order to help the new family member in the best way possible."
Dr Silvana Montanaro

We facilitate the following programs –

  • The Intentional Guide
  • From Pregnancy to Birth
  • The Birth of a Family (Preparation for Postpartum)

Each program is aimed at guiding prospective parents on a journey of self-discovery providing the opportunity to explore expectations, possibilities, emotions and realities of pregnancy, birth and early parenting.

It helps those approaching parenting to connect with themselves, each other and their unborn child so they can embrace the experience with an open, understanding heart.

This is done through discussion, observation, exploration and reflection in a safe and supportive space. Each workshop series is a place to connect as friends and build a village together that values, supports and helps one another on the lifelong journey of parenting.

  • Reflect upon your early years, at what shaped you and your perspective.
  • Explore and discuss the origin and formation of your personal values.
  • Look at why the womb is considered the first prepared environment
  • Co-create realistic expectations and goals for a positive birth and parenting experience
  • Come to terms with what it means to be a parent
  • Explore birth apprehension and challenges in a separate mothers and partners class.
  • Prepare for life after Birth – Postpartum and Newborn
  • Prepare the home environment for your baby in a considered way.

Once your newborn has settled into family life, you can talk to us about commencing your 0-3 Montessori journey in our Infant Community – Chrysalis.

Contact Michelle on 0425 300 992 to discuss each program in more detail.

Michelle helped us to trust ourselves in our new role as parents, feel comfortable in our selves and empowered to live a life that feels authentic, real and blessed.

I know what I do is enough, my boys are more than enough, and I trust together Brendan and I will make the right choices for our lives in unison.

– Rachel


Start your parenting journey with a supportive and like-minded community.