3 – 6 years old

The Central Coast Montessori School’s Stage 1 program is a sanctum for inquisitive 3-6 year olds.

Here your child continues to absorb knowledge from our mindfully prepared environment, igniting their imagination and building their sense of self.

Children peacefully work alongside each other in a multi-age classroom, engaging with and mastering the materials that surround them.

Over the three year program, we bring the world to your child with globes, maps, music, art, land forms, culture, language and mathematics.

As their time in Stage 1 comes to an end, your child’s work will expand with a strong focus on mathematics and language in preparation for primary school. At this time they will also step into their role as guides for the younger children in the classroom.

Children who complete Stage 1 are given priority for placement in Stage 2 at The Central Coast Montessori Primary School once they turn 6.

“The child has a mind able to absorb knowledge. He has the power to teach himself”
- Maria Montessori

Practical Life

• Developing fine motor skills and concentration
• Care of self
• Care of environment
• Respect and reverence.


• Sorting, arranging and classifying
• Perception of distinctions between similar and different things through sense: colour, form, dimension, texture, volume, weight, taste.
• Precise use of language to describe sensorial experiences.


• Songs, games, poems, stories, language cards.
• Writing preparation using sandpaper letter tracing, movable alphabet to create words, phrases and sentences.


• Numerical, geometrical and dimensional relationships through use of the golden beads.
• Addition, subtraction, multiplication and divisions.

You can enrol your child in either of the following communities:

PETALOUDA Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
PAPILLON Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

When your child begins their journey in Stage 1, they can start with a minimum of two half day sessions until they are ready to attend full days.

By the age of 4, all children attend for three full days.

Where space is available and your child is developmentally ready, they may attend four (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri) or five full days.

Once your child turns 6 and begins to expand their view of the universe and enthusiasm for larger concepts, they can transition to Stage 2 at The Central Coast Montessori Primary School.

Discover Kanyini.

We are so thankful to be on this journey with the Central Coast Montessori preschool as we strive to raise caring, mindful kids with a love of learning.

Our family feels supported by both the School’s holistic approach and the lovely community we have found there.

– Katie


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