“Of all things, love is the most potent”
- Maria Montessori

The Central Coast Montessori Community nurtures personal and academic growth, independence, connection, responsibility, reverence and joy.

We come together as a community to support our children, and each other, as we journey through school life.

Together, we build a beautiful place where children and their families feel they belong.

We celebrate our interconnectedness by creating, playing, singing, and sharing meals, dreams and visions together – children, parents, grandparents, cousins, friends and staff.

Because we believe it takes a strong, cohesive village to give every child the opportunity to flourish.

Parent Gatherings

Parents have the opportunity to connect each week with other like-minded mums and dads in the Central Coast Montessori Community at each campus. These gatherings are a time for parents to come into their heart space and share their personal and parenting journeys in a safe and supportive environment.

Parent-Child Wellbeing

Our wellbeing program provides parents and students the space to discover wellbeing together. Spending time learning new activities increases feelings of connection, expands shared experiences and creates a family tool box of mindful tools. It also fosters a greater sense of community as families come together to have fun.

Collective Intent

Each term we explore an area of life and/or pedagogy together as a community. Just as our students move from concept, to enquiry, absorption and innovation, the Central Coast Montessori Community come together to understand, contribute and create impact through meaningful discussion and collaboration.


Community thrives when we come together with collective intent.