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"Who you are shouts so loudly in my ear, I can't hear what you are saying." Emerson

a conscious investment

Maria Montessori's work/method or pedagogy is now over a hundred years old and practiced in more than 22,000 schools around the world. In addition to being a coherent, well researched, integrated and contextual approach to learning, It is often referred to or seen as both an aid to life and education for peace. 

Amongst many other things, this was her life's work, taking over twenty five years of observation to develop a thorough, scientifically founded and spiritually considered approach to supporting the holistic, developmental wants of growing human beings. 

At CCM, we consider each enrolment as an opportunity for growth and over two decades of work has led to a vision that is founded not only upon strong relationships but a deep understanding, knowing or belief that growth, learning and more over community takes work and that we are defined by our individual and collective commitment/contribution. A forward thinking, innovative Montessori experience requires open-mindedness and and a conscious willingness to 'do the work'.

Enrolling or rather, intentionally choosing to become part of our growing Montessori family is a process or an undertaking for the all members of a household. 

our learning journey

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pre-enrolment preparatory process

With the intention of supporting all families to establish resonance with the many experiences that are ahead, and in the interest of making an informed decision as to whether Montessori and in particular, our CCM community is for your family, the following four pre-enrolment steps are a prerequisite prior to continuing any further.


It is generally believed, that Montessori is for every child however, not for every family. Aside from being an approach that emphasises 'education for peace', it works on the fundamental principle of 'education of the individual' will be able to gain greater clarity around this notion when you attend an observation session.  


What this means, for your family (but most importantly your child) to gain the most beauty and benefit out of a Montessori experience, it is of utmost importance that you not only trust and believe in the decision you are making but understand that our learning/growing family thrives through the custodianship and contribution of its people.


Children inevitably sense what you feel and believe, if a decision is made for the wrong reason or without deep consideration and understanding of the work that lies ahead...then it can prove to become an obstacle in your child path towards realising what is possible in the space day to day.

step - 1

Do your own reading and research to deepen your understanding and establish whether the approach resonates.

step - 2

Explore our recommended

Reading/Viewing List

step - 3

Attend a

Discovery Session

step - 4

Attend & complete an

Intentional Guide Seminars

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