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a space where mothers can begin to reclaim the sacredness around birth, the pivotal preparatory time before, wellness during & the essential support & nourishment after such that our children, families & future can be all they were intended...

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about the space

The Mammabearth Preconception to Postpartum Space  is dedicated to bringing awareness to one of the most significant times in our lives, becoming a family. It will hold the space for this new life experience to unfold with respect, nurturing and care.


It will provide a supportive environment to invite deeper understanding into how we can prepare for these times as consciously as possible, understanding the choices we make from preconception through to gestation onwards not only have an impact on the adult’s quality of life, but that of the embryonic and newborn life also.

 the foundational work 


  • Postpartum Preparation Workshops

  • New Mother groups & drop ins

  • Pregnancy Groups & drop ins

  • Women’s Circles

  • One on one consultations

  • Introduction to 0-3 Montessori

  • Montessori Newborn – 5 months classes

  • Womb care & other Traditional Postpartum remedies & much more

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Coming soon...

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Often during pregnancy, there isn’t much of a tendency to look beyond birth preparations and the gathering of material “things” for the arrival of baby.

Yet a Family and a new life experience will be born too...and It takes a community to support this “Birth of a Family”.

Acquiring the best gadgets or other materials, is a very small part of preparing to receive a new life.

The way we can prepare for this time can be profoundly simple, yet our attitudes towards how and why it’s so important, need to be prepared and concretized as well.

This 1-day workshop for couples or birth support partners, will bring attention to ways we can respectfully prepare to receive the Newborn, encourage Postpartum healing and create simple points of reference to create a peaceful, functional environment to aid this womb to world transition. BOOK HERE

Transition into the first months of becoming a Mother are often the most challenging for us. There are so many intricacies within and surrounding it that are not always considered, respected and supported, which then affects us on multiple levels as we move forward into Mothering life.

The “Nutrured Mamma” is a 6-week gathering that is facilitated to create space for support, connection, nurturing and nourishment.

It is here that we bring awareness to the realities of this time so we can begin to accommodate the adjustments that our physiology, hormones and emotions require to develop a thriving relationship with it, with ourselves, our children and family. BOOK HERE

“Bringing back the Village” is a 6 – week face to face gathering for Pregnant Mammas to be.

It is a place to begin creating your village/community as you journey through the remaining months or weeks of pregnancy, to bring deeper connection to this time with the invitation to build relationships with other women who are also journeying through pregnancy.

It is a space we can bring a sense of deep reverence and respect towards the gestational period and begin to bring awareness to what we can create as a sanctuary for healing within the Postpartum time, where we can dive deeper into what building a “Village” means and how we can do it. BOOK HERE

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