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the intentional co-creation of an innovative, ever-evolving, transformational learning space

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our story thus far

Our Montessori story began over twenty years ago....


In the late 90's, I was fortunate enough to have family attend a Montessori school in Sydney. This experience proved life changing, if not defining for me.


As I watched, listened and part-took in their school life directly and indirectly, I can recall being struck by an unmistakable feeling that this community of people knew something or had information that was unique. The way they approached learning was different to what I knew and had experienced, they possessed a way of seeing the attitude, care and reverence for  life that not only resonated but touched me deeply.


So, I suppose the 'Montessori way' called to me, just as I have witnessed it do to countless others over the past two decades.

The next chapter of this journey saw me spend three amazing years in Europe (two in Dublin, Ireland the third in Bergamo, Italy) immersed in full time  Montessori studies. I then returned to work with primary aged children in a Montessori setting in Sydney's Inner West.. 


After six years, it was time to move 2007, with the wonderful support of extended family, lots of hard work and nearly three dedicated preparatory years spent navigating development requirements, introducing Montessori philosophy to the Central Coast and co-shaping a learning community with families, the Central Coast Montessori School (Preschool ) was founded on our beautiful two and a half acre site in the lovely beach-side suburb of Wamberal. 

After ten productive years, it proved the right place and the right time... with the help of a committed and kind group of families, community members, staff, businesses and one instrumental NESA officer, the Central Coast Montessori Primary School opened in Bateau Bay for the beginning of the 2017 school year.


CCMPS is located seven minutes from our preschool, it is a not for profit organisation, supported by a school board, registered by NESA and currently caters to children from K-6.

The next step was clear, we needed to begin our relationships with families as early as, born was Chrysalis, our 0-3 prepared space.

Next, we are turning our focus to the creation of an adult space that will support community learning and growth. This will take place along side planning and preparation for the adolescent years or (high school) 


The realisation of these dreams has been a gift with the added good fortune of being able to share in the lives of many Central Coast families alongside a diverse team of passionate guides. 


There is something inherently beautiful, considered, reverent and strikingly intuitive about an intentional pedagogy that views each and every child as the hope and promise for humankind, whose modus operandi is education for peace and means of achieving it, the support of every individual to realise his or her potential so that they may make their unique contribution to life, doing so, as an existential custodian or life steward.


If you have never seen a Montessori prepared environment in full swing, I strongly recommend you invest in whatever process is required to do so...For most, experiencing it first hand is quite moving, it confirms what they always knew, felt or believed, that with the right balance between guidance, support, inspiration and freedom, each child can and will construct themselves through their work.

 "The greatest wisdom is first to love...." Dante


Welcome to Central Coast Montessori...

welcome to central coast montessori

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