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 a school of experience in the elements of true social life...

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"Help me to make a contribution to the social organisation."

  Bringing a Montessori High School Experience to the Central Coast

CCM is working behind the scenes to introduce the first Montessori Adolescent Program to the Central Coast.  Shortly, we will be putting out an initial expression of interest for year 7 in 2026. This will be followed by a comprehensive information evening where we will share what Montessori's vision is for adolescents and how we at CCM are planning to bring this to life.

There will be very limited places available for this unique opportunity for our teens to experience a very different educational process. CCM will also be looking at enrolling year 5 and 6 students now and in 2025 into our primary school in preparation for 2026.

Maria Montessori had a unique and powerful vision for what is required by adolescents in the form of - 'a school of experience in the elements of true social life..'

Our goal is to prepare an environment that caters to the developmental needs of adolescents, along with a daily experience that supports their pathway towards valorisation and ability to truly realise their capacity to adapt, belong and contribute to an ever-changing world.

Please email us at to be added to the contact list for our high school or to apply for years 5 and 6 now. (Please note - CCM guides enrolling families along a considered, staged process to best support their ability to make a conscious and informed decision around joining our unique learning community.


 the adolescent years experience 

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the adolescent years

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